Crochet Hook Sets With Light

Only a passionate crocheter would know just how addicting crochet can be. Sometimes it’s all you can think of all day, and you wouldn’t even mind crocheting under a dim bedside lamp just so you can knit without waking anyone else up. But you’d also know just how uncomfortable andstrenuous it can be, especially on your eyes.

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That’s why the Crochet Hooks With Light or Lighted Crochet Hooks exist. This genius invention features a regular crochet hook with a built-in LED light that keeps your stitches perfectly lit and visible even in low light settings.

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How do they work?

Lighted crochet hooks feature transparent hooks that light up to enhance the visibility of your stitches in the dark. They are designed with larger, special handles to accommodate the batteries which are more ergonomic than the traditional ones.

These hooks may either come as a set of multiple different sizes or as a single handle with multiple interchangeable tips. They can also be battery-powered or USB rechargeable, so there are so many options to choose from based on your convenience.

Who are they meant for?

Lighted crochet hooks are a dream for those who work in dim light settings, have trouble identifying the stitches when working with dark yarn or those with poor eyesight.

What brands do we carry?

We have sets from The Crochet Light that are available in both USB rechargeable and battery-powered options. We also have both fixed sets and interchangeable sets of sizes 2.5mm to 6.5 mm that come in a convenient carrying case.Now you can crochet into the night without hurting your eyes or messing up your stitches.