Interchangeable circular needles

Enjoy the Ultimate Knitting Flexibility with Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

Interchangeable Knitting Needles are a pair of single needles specially designed for projects that are knit in the round. They feature needle tips that are connected using a flexible cable to resemble circular needles, except that each part is removable and can be swapped and used in different ways.

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Interchangeable needles are often sold in sets with various different sizes of needle tips and also include multiple cables of different lengths.

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Here you will find all our interchangeable circular needles. Explore our wide selection below.

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A Wonderfully Versatile Choice

Perfect for when you’re working on knitting projects in the round, Interchangeable needles let you choose your favourite material to work with or one that suits most of your projects. All you need is one pair of needle tips in each size and one cable of your preferred length - you can justchange the needles and cable to make endless combinations as per your project’s needs.

Not only does this give you endless possibilities and working comfort, but also lets you reduce the clutter and unnecessary expenditure of buying multiple fixed circulars. The best part is, you can also use the needle tips for other projects and save your stitches in your WIP projects. Take the tips off and attach end caps to the cable and that’s all.

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How Are They Different From Circular Needles?

Interchangeable Knitting Needles are just like circular needles but without the commitment of a fixed cable length. Featuring removable needle parts, interchangeable needles let you easily switch up the needle size and cable length depending on your project needs.

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You can also lengthen the cable using cable extenders or even use the needle tips separately as regular straight needles. There’s just so much you can do with Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

Made For All Kinds Of Projects

Interchangeable Needles are especially fantastic for large projects that are knit in the round like cardigans, sweaters, cowls, and even mittens, hats, & socks. But their versatile design allows them to be great for flat, magic loop, big or small projects as well.

If you’re someone who works on extra-large projects that are knit flat, the cable can come in handy to take a lot of the strain off your arms and wrists. The cable holds the weight of heavier and larger projects, so you can comfortably rest it on your lap to continue working longer and quicker.

Build The Ultimate Circular Knitting Collection

This complete collection doesn’t just include various sets with multiple interchangeable needles and removable cables, it also includes individual removable parts that you can keep adding to your collection as you keep moving to different kinds of projects. Here you’ll find single pairs of needle tips, cables, cable extenders, cable stops and more, all in different materials, sizes, and lengths.

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World Famous Brands That You’ll Love

We carry different sets and interchangeable needle accessories from brands like Drops, Knitpro,Pony, and Addi for ultimate precision and ease of use. Each of these brands boasts its own patented interchangeable systems that give the cables and the needles a strong, seamless join.

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Our extensive sets and separate pieces range from 3.00mm to 15.00mm needle sizes and 40-150cm cable lengths, so you'll have everything you need for any project.