Circular needle sets

Explore our circular needle sets from, among others, KnitPro, Addi, and DROPS. 

Circular Needle Sets open up endless knitting opportunities especially if you’re someone who frequently knits in the round. Circular needles and interchangeable circular needles are a pair ofstraight knitting needles joined together by a cord to form something similar to one long knitting needle.

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These versatile needles make tackling larger projects, particularly those knit in the round extra easy and so much more fun. Their unique design makes it possible to effortlessly knit items witha circumference, creating a neat, seamless knitted tube.

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It is convenient, smart, and trendy to have a whole set of circular needles. Find all of our great sets below.

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Endless Combinations With Just One Set

Just like in other knitting techniques, you need different needle sizes to suit the pattern and needs of each project. That’s where the true beauty of interchangeable circular needle sets come to play. This genius needle set includes needle tips of various different sizes and also cables of different lengths that can be combined in any way you need. Unlike fixed circulars, you do have to buy multiple needle sizes with your preferred cable lengths, just unscrew and attach the right needle size to the right cable length and get right to knitting.

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With so many different materials to choose from, one set is really all you need for years of use.

Only The Best Brands And Premium Materials

Our carefully curated collection includes fabulous sets from Drops, Knitpro, addi®, and Pony to give you the ultimate power of choice. We have got simple sets of 3 pairs of needles and extensive ones that range from 3.00mm to 12.00mm. Each set also includes multiple cables of standard lengths (60cm, 80cm, and 100cm), but you can also add to your collection with other cables of your preferred lengths.

You’ll find sets made using classic aluminium alloy, lightweight carbon fibre, slick acrylic, and smooth, earthy wood, all designed to match your comfort. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’re sure to feel like a kid in a candy store with our vast range of Circular Interchangeable Needles.

Choosing The Right Combination For A Project

Check the finished length of the project you’re making to figure out the length of the cord and the size of the needle. Circular needles are measured from tip to tip to determine how long they are. It would be best if you used needles that are slightly smaller than that measurement so that all of the stitches can fit around them.You can also use the same needles for multiple projects at the same time. Just unscrew the needle tips and use them. Don’t forget to add end caps to save the stitches on your WIP project.Convenient For

Storage And Travel

Perfect for all kinds of projects, even for knitting large and small articles in the flat, circular needles help save your stitches and your needles when you put away your work. You’re never at the risk of your stitches coming undone or your needles falling off & rolling away as they are connected by a long cord at all times, making them perfect for knitting on the go.The sets also come encased in a convenient carrying sleeve to keep your accessories neat and organized no matter where you are