Linen yarn

Below you can see our wide range of yarn skeins made of linen, which is incredibly popular right now. We offer different brands in all colours and sizes, so you can be sure to find exactly the yarn you're looking for to start your next creative project. At LindeHobby we only offer the highest quality products so you are guaranteed to receive an exclusive product that can be used for any purpose. Take a look around here on the website and be inspired by our exciting, wide range of linen yarns.


Materiale_227: 53% Cotton / 33% Viscose / 14% Flax
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Materiale_227: 53% Cotton / 47% Linen
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Materiale_227: 47% Bamboo / 33% Linen / 20% Cotton
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Materiale_227: 85% Viscose (recycled linen) / 15% Linen
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Save up to 18%
Materiale_227: 53% cotton / 33% viscose / 14% linen
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Save up to 13%
Materiale_227: 50% merino wool, 35% acrylic, 15% alpaca wool
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Materiale_227: 85% Viscose (recycled linen) / 15% Linen
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Materiale_227: 65% Cotton / 35% Linen
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Rustic and natural yarn type - perfect for summer clothes

On this page, you will find DROPS Bomull-Lin, which is a rustic and natural yarn type. The yarn is spun by several threads of cotton and linen/flax, resulting in a solid structure that creates a very durable and strong yarn. In addition, you can use Bomull-Lin for many different projects, but with linen, you get a stylish look and exclusive feel regardless of whether you choose to knit a top or sweater. It should also be mentioned that the yarn is especially suitable for lighter and figure knitted models, which is why it is just the right choice for those who are going to knit summer clothes. Choose from all our beautiful and natural colours and give your clothes a rustic look with DROPS Bomull-Lin.

Luxury result - choose from many nice colours

Our wide, exciting range also includes high-quality yarn from DROPS Belle, which is a so-called year-round yarn made of linen, viscose and cotton. The blend results in a wonderfully comfortable material with a delicate texture that can easily be used close to the skin. It is therefore a finer type of yarn and you are guaranteed to get a luxurious result if you choose to combine this with e.g. Cotton Light and Muscat. On this page you'll find many nice colours - so you have plenty of opportunities to find the right kind you need to create everyday luxury.

Easy and safe purchases at LindeHobby

If you need a linen yarn, then you can surely find what you are looking for and get it at a really good price here at LindeHobby. When you shop with us, you also make a safe and easy purchase and get fast shipping. We want to make it as smooth as possible for you to complete your next knitting project and therefore offer high-quality yarn for the whole of U.K. Take a look around the website and be inspired by our wide range of popular brands.