DROPS Delight Print

Colourful, luxurious yarns with a delightful handspun texture

Aptly named, the DROPS Delight Print is an incredibly soft, durable, and beautiful yarn that’s an absolute delight to work with and wear too. It’s made of superwash treated wool and is blended with polyamide for added strength. This yarn is coloured using the "magic print" technique, which gives it its characteristic light to dark gradient transitions, which create stunning details in the finished fabric.

Discover knitting patterns that use DROPS Delight Print

The super soft yet resilient texture of this yarn makes it an ideal choice for socks and beyond. It’s machine washable and perfect for everyday-use garments like cardigans, jumpers, scarves and other accessories. Our collection of knitting patterns includes sweaters, scarves, and more using DROPS Delight Print yarns.

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