Single Pointed Knitting Needle Sets in Bamboo

Experience the organic, comfy feeling of bamboo. All-natural and sustainable, Bamboo knitting needles are popular for many wonderful reasons. The lightweight, flexible nature of bamboo allows them to be easier on your hands even if you knit for long hours without any fatigue.

Crafted from natural bamboo, these single pointed needles have a warm, grippy feel to them that makes them a delight to work with especially when using slippery yarns like silk or viscose.

Complete kits for all your knitting needs

Available in natural and dark, Carbonized bamboo finishes, our collection includes sets of 18 different needle sizes from 2-10 mm and in 25 & 35 cm lengths.

Typically used for knitting flat to make scarves, sweaters, and blankets, they can also be used for circular knitting projects too.

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