PONY Perfect needles and crochet hooks

Every PONY Perfect product is designed to be superior in strength, ultra-smooth, and super flexible. Featuring beautiful handles made of natural woods like bamboo andmaple, these needles showcase the gorgeous grains, colours, and textures of these woods, making them a true standout in any collection.

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The interchangeable needles from PONY Perfect also come with a smart screw thread system that makes needle changes easy. It offers smooth transitions between needle and cable to ensure a smooth knitting experience without the needles getting stuck

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From India to the World

Nestled in the pristine Nilgiri mountains above 2200 meters above sea level, Needle Industries (India) manufactures some of the most well-reputed and in-demand needles in the world under the brand PONY.

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Set up in 1949, this company has established itself as a highly specialized brand for surgical precision needles and innovative knitting & crochet needles, using organic and sustainably sourced materials like repurposed wood, bamboo, and more.

At LindeHobby, we’re proud to bring the best-selling interchangeable needles, sets, and double-pointed needlesfrom PONY Perfect, giving you just what you need to perfect your creations with ease and comfort.

So be a proud owner of PONY Perfect needles and express your artistic ideas effortlessly.

Perfected by nature

Each piece of wood used to make a PONY Perfect product is sourced directly from the Nilgiri mountains and reputable lumber sources from across the world. The wood is sustainably sourced while ensuring to maintain a high level of environmental compatibility and a good eco-balance.

Two of PONY Perfect’s favourite woods, bamboo, and maple offer a superior smooth feel to the touch and feature the patented joint GLYDON which gives you an ultra-smooth and luxurious knitting experience. The needles come with a high-precision screw thread mechanism made using solid brass for a tight and smooth joint.

Warm and light, these needles make for a wonderfully soothing knitting experience.

The perfect knitting needles for beginners and pros

Whether you’re just trying to knot your first garter stitch scarf or working on knitting bedsheets and sweaters with intricate patterns and gradient colours, PONY Perfect needles are just what you need. Their precision needles are available in different sizes and finishes that range from bamboo to maple and plenty in between.

Warm, smooth, and easy to manoeuvre, the circular, single, interchangeable, and double-pointed needles offer you a wide range of capabilities to truly explore everything this wonderful craft has to offer.

Great for teachers, students, and professionals who sell their handmade projects online, PONY Perfect’s constantly evolving collection will serve you no matter your skill level or experience.

Unlimited projects waiting for You

Whether you’re looking to create colourful ply split braided key pendants or Tunisian-style crochet projects, PONY Perfect needles are a great choice for you. The extra control and smooth knitting comfort of the straight and circular needles make this a great choice even for making wristbands, bags, beanies, cushions, decorative items, and much much more!