Pony Perfect Single Pointed Needles 30 cm (2.00-8.00 mm)

Wonderful single pointed needles made of wood.

The needles measure 30 cm.

Available in size 2.00-8.00 mm.

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Pony Perfect Single Pointed Needles 30 cm (2.00-8.00 mm)

Smooth, beautiful jumper needles – work with all types of yarn

A set of high-quality jumper needles, which are also breathtakingly beautiful to look at.

The jumper needles in PONY's Perfect series are produced by pressing together three different, strong types of wood. This gives you a pair of strong jumper needles, where the surface is completely smooth and has a natural wood structure - without the use of artificial colours.

The jumper needles are suitable for all types of yarn. The masks will slide easily from one needle to the other.

Available in a shorter version and many different thicknesses.

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