Du Store Alpakka 100% Alpaca Yarn

A luxuriously smooth yarn

Give all of your hand-knitted creations a smooth, cashmere-like finish with the Du Store Alpakka, Alpaca 100%.

Just as warm as regular wool, Alpaca wool is softer, prickle-free, naturally hypoallergenic, and a silky lustre, making them a wonderful choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Superior quality

100% Alpaca yarns have an elastic texture to them that doesn’t just make them easy to knit withbut also make them perfectly stretchy and wrinkle-resistant. With water-repellent properties and lovely natural lustre, this Du Store Alpakka yarn is coveted for so many reasons. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you’ll love to use this yarn for all your creations.

Save up to 25%
Materiale_227: 100% Finest alpaca
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