DROPS Polaris

Natural, durable, and beautiful.

Looking for a natural fiber yarn that's as soft as it is beautiful? Look no further than DROPS Polaris! This single-strand yarn is spun from unprocessed wool, so you can enjoy the fiber's natural properties. The wool is lightly washed and then dyed, resulting in a beautiful finished product that's perfect for your next knitting or crochet project.

Discover knitting patterns that use DROPS Polaris

Whether you're looking to knit a hat, scarf, bag, or poncho, this yarn is sure to give your project a perfect touch of style. Knitting up quickly with the same gauge as DROPS Eskimo, DROPS Polaris is sure to become one of your favorite yarns. And with its mixed colours, you'll love the unique effect it gives your finished piece.

This patterns collection lets you put this yarn to use, creating a snow song sweater, floating rainbow, and knitted beret.

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