Pony Yarn Bobbins Large

Pony large Yarn Bobbins in plastic.

6 pcs.

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Pony Large Yarn Bobbins

These Pony Yarn Bobbins are the perfect way to keep your knitting projects neat and tidy. With 10 bobbins in bright, fun colours, they're a great way to organize your yarn and prevent tangles. These Pony Yarn Bobbins are a fun and easy way to keep your yarn organized while you knit. The bright colours and fish shapes make it fun to use, and the bobbins themselves are made of sturdy plastic to prevent tangling.

These Pony Yarn Bobbins are a must-have for any knitter looking to simplify their intarsia designs! Not only do they help to prevent yarn entanglement, but they also add a pop of colour and fun shape to your knitting workspace.

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