DROPS Arched White 15 mm (no. 521)

1 pc mother of pearl button from DROPS

Complete your project with this delightful, round mother of pearl button

2 holes for fastening

Availability: In stock (40+)

DROPS Arched White 15 mm (no. 521)

Classic, elegant button from DROPS in 15 mm made of nacre which is perfect for wide variety of projects.

If you are in the process of sewing, knitting or crocheting a cardigan, a small teddy bear or something else again, these beautiful buttons will be the icing on the cake; thus you get a lovely button that serves both a functional purpose and adds to the look.

The button can be purchased in individually.

DROPS is known for its authentic buttons with a rustic look, which is characterized by patina and decadence.

It's durable and keeps well even after wash.


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