Rocaille Seed Beads 1,7 mm

25 g round glass beads.

The beads are size 15/0, and have a diameter of 1,7 mm.

The hole size is 0.5-0.8 mm

Choose from 11 beautiful colours.


Rocaille Seed Beads 1,7 mm

Round glass beads

String rocai beads onto elastic cord, beading wire or thick beading thread, for example. Note that the thickness of the beading needle, as well as the cord or thread, needs to match the hole size of the bead. With weaving for example you will often need to string two strands of thread through each bead.

These small, round-shaped glass beads (also called seed beads) have a long tradition that can be traced right back to historical times. As well as being used for many different types of jewellery, the beads are also used to decorate costumes by cultures all around the world.

The beads make charming attachments to simple bracelets and necklaces. They are also ideal for woven and sewn-together jewellery or borders.

Choose from 11 beautiful colours.

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