DROPS Flowers 15 mm (no. 628)

1 piece of wooden button with a diameter of 15 mm

Complete your project with these lovely buttons

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DROPS Flowers 15 mm (no. 628)

Using eye-catching flowers to add a splash of beauty, this button adds that autumn touch to any project. Whether you're looking for a pretty design to use on your sweater or the extra touch to complete your child's favourite stuffed animal, this unique button has 2 holes so it can be sewn firmly in place. Whether you are looking to decorate your jacket or make a homemade teddy bear, this 15 mm button is the perfect size for both. Crafted with quality wood, these buttons can be used in all sorts of projects and will stand out amongst others thanks to their charming design. 

This one-of-a-kind button adds personality without sacrificing functionality. The 2 holes allow it to be sewn securely into delicate fabrics without having to worry about pulling it through.

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